Legal status of 1XBET in India

Legal status of 1XBET in India

Like many gambling sites in India, 1XBET is also allowed by law to operate in certain states of India. Gambling was first restricted in India during British time.

Under the Public Gambling Act of 1867, this law states that it is illegal to offer gambling services all over India as well as a visit to any gambling facility. However, this legal authority never considered online betting, as it had not been invented since then. 

So when the Internet first came into being people started asking does it mean that online betting is also prohibited in India under the law of 1867.

The answer to this question is quite confusing as the Government of India never wanted to fully prohibit online betting. Therefore, they never had rewritten the law, which states online betting is illegal. 

Indian statesstates of India has its own rules and regulations

As every state of India has its own rules and regulations. The constitution of India in 1950 mentions that the states are allowed to formulate their betting and gambling laws.

So instead of imposing federal law to ban or authorize online betting, the central government left its states to decide whether or not to legalize online betting in their territory. Therefore, this means that each state in India has its gambling laws. 

Some are strict while others are less. For example, in the territory of Maharashtra, the game of skill is allowed while the game of luck is prohibited. This is the same case with other states like Karnataka. Nevertheless, in the state of Sikkim, the state government is actively working to legalize online betting. 

They start to receive license applications from the betting operators or offer games in their state. Some Indian states don’t have any special law regarding online betting which makes it a legal grey area. Therefore, we can say that except Maharashtra every state in India has a right to play online gambling.

What is the game of skill and a game of luck?What is the game of skill and a game of luck?

As we mentioned above, many states allow games of skill but not games of luck. A game of skill is where the gambler can increase the chance of winning by learning more about the specific sports.

According to the concept, online betting should be considered as the game of skill as a player starts learning about the techniques of the sport. 

The more you learn about the particular game, team, or tournament the greater the chance of winning the online betting.

On the other hand, a game of luck is where the player has a zero impact on the result of the game. For example: in the game of Rowlett your chances of winning are always fixed. Once the ball is cast into the box, it could stop anywhere. 

When will online betting be legalized in India?

There is no proper news about when it will be fully legalized in India. It may happen the next year or never happen at all. Till then enjoy the gambling session In the world-class betting site that is 1XBET.

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