App features of 1XBET bookmaker

App features of 1XBET bookmaker

1X betting app is one of the popular names in the betting industry. In recent years, App features of 1XBET bookmaker has become the name that has to be remembered in the industry of betting.

App features of 1XBET bookmaker has extended its services in 50 countries. 1X betting has also started its mobile app.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app is free for both Android and iOS users.

You can even download the version of the same app on a laptop using mirror links that are available on the internet. 1XBET has launched its mobile version for Android and iOS users in February 2020.

How to download the app1xbet app is avaible for downloading

For downloading the 1XBET app on Android, one has to look at the options available in privacy. Once you permit your device to allow apps from unknown providers, you can easily install the app on your device by just clicking on the 1XBET app download option.

the 1XBET app is not available in the Apple store; however, it is available directly for other users like the 6S, XR, XS, iPad air, PRO, and MINI. For Apple users, there is a necessity to turn on profile options and change their region of account to download the app.

After installing is done, you can revert to the options that you have changed into their former places. The app will work the same even after replacing the newly selected options with their former places.

One can also use any VPN to get the work done easily.

Advantages of having a mobile version of 1XBET

It is an undeniable fact that using a mobile version of 1XBET is a lot safer than using the same on a site. Using the mobile version is more personalized than in the site and it reduces the risk of getting your information hacked and lost.

Money transactions are only operated through your personalized mobile and no doubt regarding their safety and security.

No cache problem if the website gets slower due to cache in the browser that you use to open the site of 1XBET. So, while watching a live event also, it is more like watching in your personal space if you use the mobile version of 1XBET.

Requirements for mobile version of 1XBET

For Android devices

The app is free of cost. It is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher versions. The current version is 5.0.5, which is 85.5 MB in size. The downloads crossed the 100,000 marks soon after the release of the app.

For iOS Devices1XBET app requirements for iOS Devices

The app is free of cost. It is of 94.9 MB size and compatible with iOS 9.3 or higher versions. The app works under the provider name 1XCorp N.V. 

So, looking at all the advantages and facts here, one cannot deny that using a mobile version of 1XBET is a lot safer and more secure than using it on site. Download and install it, join the fun, and have responsible gaming.

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